Daisy Cloche

Concentric Circles

The problem in a nutshell: PU numbers as printed are actually total numbers, including the live st, so each PU and total number should have one fewer st. Picking up the numbers as printed will result in an even total, so the linen st portion won't flow evenly as at the begining of the hat.

2nd Circle: ...pick up and knit 86 more sts (87 total)....

3rd Circle: ...pick up and knit 64 more sts (65 total)...

4th Circle: ...pick up and knit 42 more sts (43 total)...

and at the center: ...pick up and knit 20 more sts (21 total).

When you k2tog across the rnd after that last section, your final st will be a K st, bringing you back to 11 sts.

Thanks to Marilyn Cathcart for bringing it to my attention and shraas on ravelry for noting it on her project page!