Daisy Cloche

Short-row Section on Hat Body

Critical instructions at the end of this section are missing! After the last line (Short Row 8), please add:

Knit back to marker, then work 2" in St st, k2tog on last 2 sts of final rnd.


Concentric Circles

PU sts are off by 1.

2nd Circle: ...pick up and knit 86 more sts (87 total)....

3rd Circle: ...pick up and knit 64 more sts (65 total)...

4th Circle: ...pick up and knit 42 more sts (43 total)...

and at the center: ...pick up and knit 20 more sts (21 total).

When you k2tog across the rnd after that last section, your final st will be a K st, bringing you back to 11 sts.

Thanks to Marilyn Cathcart for bringing it to my attention and shraas on ravelry for noting it on her project page!